Terms and Conditions

1. Yesbtcreceive is a project that can be run by people older than 18, all over the world.

2. By buying a position, money is inserted into the system, and no refund is possible.

Before you join Yesbtcreceive, read and learn more how the system works. If you don’t buy a position in the YES BTC DROP matrix after registration, your account will remain inactive, and you will not get any profit or position in the matrix.

3. You are the only responsible for your account in Yesbtcreceive, protect it and make sure you have entered all the correct data.

4. The payout is instant automatic without admin’s control. The money goes automatically to the BTC Wallet that is previously entered on the account, so check the accuracy of all your registered data.

5. Members who are spamming or otherwise causing damage to our program will be suspended and may be prosecuted for their actions. Before taking any action, we will adequately examine all the information.

6. Your account can be suspended without notice if you violate site terms, or in any way abuses the program, harassing other members or administrators.

7. If this program stops to function for any reason, the creator, admin, and other contributors will not be responsible for any loss of members.

8. The mentioned earning is the potential earning for each member. We do not guarantee how much profits will be achieved by working in our program.